There are certain people who have a very high-pitched, loud, and annoying voices. When they talk, you just want to stuff a sock in their mouth. However, the worst is when those people shout. It is just unbearable.

So you just have the urge to tell them to stop, using phrases such as “Shut Up!”, “Stop yelling!” or even “Shut it!!!”. But in some cases, that is not enough; it does not reflect exactly what you want to say and how strongly you want them to stop. Plus, none of these words mention how you hate their voice and find it really annoying. Eventually, you end up with having said nothing and all that emotion bottled up inside.

Well, in Azeri, a language spoken in Azerbaijan, there is a word that has all that emotion and feeling in one word. This word is actually only used to yell at an animal, usually a donkey, to stop making noises; so naturally, it is in no way a polite word to use. However, when someone is as annoying as a braying donkey, then this is perfectly appropriate to use. the word is “Anqırma!!!” with an accent on the voice of ‘An‘ and extended ‘a‘ and the end.

So the next time you encounter someone shouting and you want them to stop then you can tell “Anqırma!!!”, but make sure there is one around that understands Azeri.





Just Another Day

Merry Christmas!

Christmas: All the kids anticipate it for months. It is a day for families to gather and bond. An overall jolly day for everyone.

These are statements that you hear much too often. Well, they are not accurate statements.
Those words stand true for only the Christian population of the world; which is 2.1 billion people of the world. The other 4.4 billion people do not celebrate Christmas and to them, the statements above would not apply.

Although, there are those people in the world, like my family, that choose to celebrate most of the festivities of the world, because it is just another reason to be happy and, let’s not forget, to receive presents. So, Christmas for me is two weeks of shopping (which is always a good thing) and a morning of receiving presents.

However,  assuming there are 100 million people like my family, then we could say that for the other 4.3 billion people of the world Christmas is ‘Just Another Day’.


Languages To The Rescue

In some languages, there are words that have no one-word synonym in another language.

Those words, sometimes, can just pop up in your head and you have the urge to say them out loud; however, you know that no one is going to know what that means and would just give you a “what-a-creep” look.

In different cultures, different actions mean different things (If you live in a foreign country, then you  know what I mean). Sometimes, people do things which makes you want to laugh your a*s off but you can’t, because that would be just plain weird.

My intention for writing this blog is to share those words and actions, so we could all laugh together.